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Principal Founders

Dawn Foxcroft

Dawn brings a unique passion for great design, communication, and nurturing connections between people to everything she does. In 2016 Dawn earned a Master of Education in Indigenous Language Revitalization she also has a BA from the University of Victoria with a double major in Sociology and Anthropology. With these passions, Dawn not only contributes to the ongoing success of White Raven Consulting, but to each and every one of White Raven’s clients. Dawn works with discipline and a strong commitment to detail.

Every day Dawn looks forward to engaging with communities, elders, universities, academics, government, and industry to build bridges of cross-cultural understanding and deepen connections.

I can’t wait to connect with you to hear your plans and ideas and help bring them to life. Get in touch with me to discuss your project.

Kelly Foxcroft-Poirier

Kelly graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr and has accrued over a decade of experience bringing high quality-engagement, facilitation, and communications services to not-for-profit organizations, First Nations governments, and arts and culture organizations. Harnessing Kelly’s background in art and experience with facilitation, White Raven Consulting offers graphic recording. This new service truly stirs her soul with passion and purpose.

The work Kelly does nurtures deep connections between the stakeholders involved in White Raven Consulting’s projects. Helping them to understand each other and effect change. Like the raven of Northwest Coast Mythology, we bring light and build community.

I love what I do and look forward to all of the projects yet to come. Get in touch with me to discuss your project.


Colleen Lucas

Colleen is a graduate of the North Island College Fine Arts program, with a major in Graphic Arts. She was born and raised on Vancouver Island and grew up in a stimulating, artistic family where being creative was strongly encouraged. Her interest in graphic art and design was a natural progression nurtured from her childhood. Dedicated to honing her craft she stays current with modern design trends and industry work styles.




And a Few of our Favourites

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