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We ‘artfully’ support you and your team in conversations that get to the heart of the matter moving you toward clarity and concrete goals and outcomes. A session with Dawn and Kelly will provide deliverables including a summary of the main conversation points along with any actions and decisions made. You might even decide that a ‘visual’ summary of outcomes or Graphic Recording is beneficial to your team, project, or idea.

Graphic Recording

A graphic recording is a visual representation of what was said and done in a meeting or at an event. It provides a graphic summary of key conversations, decisions, and outcomes. Graphic recording allows participants to witness the creation of visual representations of their thoughts and ideas as they take place in real time and it helps them to be more constructive and collaborate with more enthusiasm. A graduate of Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and facilitator for 7 years, Kelly Foxcroft-Poirier is creating a reputation with her soulful, beautiful, and unique Graphic Recordings. Her designs blend traditional Nuu-chah-nulth symbology, typography, and powerful quotes and messages shared by the participants of the conversations she is recording. Graphic recording leaves a beautiful legacy, gift, and tool for meetings and conversations to support continuity and ongoing reflection.

White Raven facilitation “magic” for:

Organizational development: Do you need support to know where you are going and what you are doing? Whether you are working with managers, a team, multi-stakeholders, or partners White Raven can design dialogue that:

  • Clarifies principles;
  • Determines shared vision and mission;
  • Clearly defines commonly held values;
  • Brings forward challenges, fears, and limiting beliefs that might be holding your ideas and concepts back; and
  • Allows your team to collaboratively set goals.

Planning Support: Guiding conversation to create operational planning, strategic planning, or detailed work planning with teams, partners, and organizations in ways that are integrated and effective is essential to good leadership from possibilities to progress. White Raven will guide the conversations that create the connection, alignment, and momentum needed to take things to the next level.

Communications Plan Development: Providing communications services and strategy to not-for-profit organizations and First Nations governments for over a decade has taught us a lot of things about meeting the needs of diverse audiences. We have learned how important it is to make communications a high priority. From social media to traditional media, articles, and newsletters – White Raven Consulting offers not only communications strategy, but also has the tools to support high quality and innovative approaches.


White Raven Consulting provides high-quality artistic graphic design and layout services from a team of experienced associates and designers. From logo design, rack cards, and traditional marketing materials, to more artful productions including small books, and giftware. White Raven Consulting brings excellence in design. We allow your ideas, products, and company to truly take flight.


White Raven Consulting is well positioned to provide illustrations for projects, reports, and other kinds of publications. From pen and ink to watercolor or acrylic – the sky’s the limit. With several illustrations for local activity books, language storybooks, and cookbooks, artist and illustrator, Kelly Foxcroft-Poirier, brings an artful and unique drawing style to any project.

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